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Conservation Planning Advisory

Robust planning at the outset of your project means time and money saved. Our advisory services focus on conservation project design, implementation, and assessment. We specialize in adaptive management planning, which allows our clients to pivot in the face of uncertainty without compromising project goals. Our services include:

  • Technical Support and Counsel for terrestrial, freshwater, and marine conservation planning

  • Work-shopping and Decision-support

  • Project Scoping, Research, and Data Analysis

  • Spatial Design and Analysis

  • Protected Area Design and Management Planning

  • Impact Evaluations and Process Improvement


Strategic Counsel

Good advice can be hard to come by. Our strategic counseling services support our clients in developing, implementing, and evaluating their management processes, with the end goal of maximizing the conservation value of every dollar spent. Whether in a launching, growing, or transforming phase, we can assist in cutting through the complexity to turn your core values into conservation results. Our services include:

  • Organizational Strategic Planning

  • Brand Strategy and Communications

  • Government and Public Relations

  • Horizon Scanning and Risk Assessment

  • Corporate Social Responsibility

  • Performance Improvement and Cost Reduction

  • Program Delivery


Facilitation and Coaching

Good facilitation is an investment that allows you to achieve outcomes more efficiently and effectively. Our facilitation and coaching services focus on bringing together diverse views and perspectives to collectively define clear goals, strategies, and measures of success. We specialize in using the Open Standards for the Practice of Conservation to help teams improve their communication, collective problem solving skills, and overall effectiveness. Our services include:

  • Conservation Coaching using the Open Standards and Miradi

  • Team Scoping and Development 

  • Stakeholder Consultations

  • Conservation Training and Capacity Building Workshops

  • Community Outreach and Collaboration