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Management Plan Development
Floodplain Forest Restoration & Ecosystem Services

How should we best spend our limited funds to restore a critical floodplain ecosystem? That was the question posed to GCS by a community-based watershed group. So, we partnered up and developed a management plan to stabilize river banks, restore rare forest communities, and provide habitat for endangered species. We then put a dollar value on the ecosystem services that the project would provide and presented the results to municipal politicians. The result? A unanimous decision to conserve and restore the floodplain ecosystem throughout the watershed!

Mapping and Spatial Analyses
Conservation Collaboration Mapping

Where on the planet are our conservation partners working? GCS was tasked to find and map this information for a network of conservation organizations. We did our homework and built a spatial database of all in-country projects for each network member. The result? A map depicting the collaboration potential for every country on earth! This is the first part of a multi-stage project to help build capacity and capitalize on the diverse skills and expertise of each network member organization.

Market-based Solutions
Conservation Software Development.
What are the factors we need to consider when costing out a biodiversity offsetting project? To answer this question posed by a multinational firm, GCS and partners began researching cost inputs to develop an accounting tool. The result? A user-friendly (and commercially viable) piece of software that accounts for the costs of protecting and restoring habitat anywhere on the planet. This new tool will help governments and corporations deliver more effective conservation by strengthening their planning efforts.
Custom Strategy Design
Illegal Reptile Trade Solutions
What's the optimal combination of enforcement, regulation, and alternative strategies that are most likely to succeed in halting the illegal trade in endemic reptiles on islands? This question was posed to GCS by an international NGO, and we developed a series of case studies from numerous island nations to answer it. The result? A decision-support tool that provides an optimal set of conservation actions based on species-specific supply and demand dynamics.
Organizational Performance Reviews
Conservation Project Prioritization Assessment
What are the strengths and weaknesses of the various prioritization methods used across the country? That was the question posed by a national-scale NGO looking to assess how 12 different regional offices prioritize conservation projects. GCS began a detailed analysis into the methods used across each region and compared these to each other and to best practices from across the globe. The result? A strategy outlining the most effective tools and methods to ensure that project prioritization has maximal conservation impact, and this was used to help set national guidelines across the organization.