Connecting Business and Biodiversity


Become an industry leader with Biodiversity+

At Global Conservation Solutions, we know your business is unique. Using our signature  Biodiversity+ approach, we can help you develop and execute a Corporate Biodiversity Strategy to match your unique business context. Biodiversity+ is a systems-thinking process to help you define clear biodiversity goals that align with your corporate values. These goals are used to inform a holistic suite of actions that are tailored to your unique business model to achieve net-positive biodiversity gains. Actions may include:

Mapping sustainable supply-chains to mitigate negative biodiversity impacts

Developing site-specific biodiversity plans on company land holdings

Designing customized voluntary offsetting programs

Adapting energy and climate-change strategies to align with biodiversity goals

Optimizing existing marketing and/or sustainability program budgets

Is your business ready to become Biodiversity+?

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