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Take your team to the next level

Global Conservation Solutions specializes in helping teams design and execute strategies to achieve more efficient and effective conservation outcomes. Whether that's facilitating collaborative planning workshops, coaching leaders to improve organizational performance, or unlocking private sector support for biodiversity, GCS is dedicated to helping you achieve solutions for both people and planet.

Facilitation & Coaching

Through professional facilitation and coaching, GCS empowers teams to achieve transformational conservation results. We help turn ideas into action by connecting high-level planning to implementation, while ensuring the right processes are in place to manage risk and adapt to changing conditions.

Organizational Consulting

We help our clients make key decisions about their operations to improve organizational performance. Whether you're starting up, managing growth, or realigning in response to new priorities, GCS will help you find the right combination 0f people, processes and structure to perform at your best.

Corporate Responsibility

As a key pillar of corporate social responsibility, GCS helps companies develop and implement Corporate Biodiversity Strategies. Our signature approach provides the framework to make informed decisions about your business's relationship to nature to achieve net-positive outcomes.

About Us


Global Conservation Solutions (GCS) is a strategy consultancy founded in 2017 by Josh Noseworthy. Our mission is simple: to conserve life on earth by improving the practice of conservation. We fulfill this mission by providing professional, solutions-focused services that assist NGOs, government agencies, Indigenous groups, and the private sector to deliver biodiversity outcomes more efficiently and effectively. 

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See what are clients and partners are saying:

"Josh’s transition to web conferencing in response to COVID19 has helped important meetings and workshops move forward. His facilitation skills and ability to drive the conservation agenda ensures momentum is maintained at this difficult time and will serve his clients well, now and into the future."

~Simon J. Mitchell,
World Wildlife Fund

"Josh's adept facilitation enabled our Board of Directors, staff and consultants to improve our communication, collective problem solving skills, and overall effectiveness. We are extremely pleased with our new 10-year strategy that will solidify our future success in watershed conservation."

~Marieka Chaplin,
Nashwaak Watershed Association Inc.

"A highly capable leader and facilitator, Josh's professional foundations are an excellent combination of theory and practice, particularly in deploying adaptive management planning. I strongly recommend GCS if you are looking for expertise to help address complex conservation problems."

~Craig Smith,
Parks Canada

"Josh embodies the tenets of transformational leadership with attendees empowered to sit at the table as equals, allowing their knowledge and values to be reflected. He does not shy away from the challenges that accompany the work in which we devote so much of ourselves and the histories that come along with that."

~Kaleb Zelman,
Maliseet Nation Conservation Council

"Facilitating a species at risk program between industry, the conservation community, and government requires balance, leadership and problem solving. I’ve been impressed with Josh’s approach and I recommend GCS to anyone looking to develop adaptive management plans in a complex environment."

~Sean LeMoine,
Canadian Wildlife Service - ECCC

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